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3 rise goals for 2017

The first was helping to mentor a couple on our team to do their version of rising. They did awesome mostly because of their hard work. For my part, I managed to keep that goal in my mind and in my plans for most of the year.

The second was to do a TEDx talk. That was a terrific experience. I loved the challenge, constraint and experience. I completed that March 19th.

The third was to complete the book I’ve wanted to write about our work with donors. I’ve tried and failed and tried and failed . . . and procrastinated. I used to say writing a book was the hardest work I could never get done. But on December 14th, evidence arrived that the book was real. (More on the book launch in a week or so, stay tuned).

Without my end of the year review, I wouldn’t have realized that I did a good job of “rising” in 2017.

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